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psychoanalytic practice

This is a wonderful story from Lacan's clinic as told by Suzanne Hommel, in analysis with Lacan in 1974. The excerpt is from Gérard Miller's film 'Rendez-vous chez Lacan'. The film is in French but I have appended subtitles for the benefit of English speakers.

As a young girl when war broke out, Hommel had experienced at first hand the occupation of her country by the Nazis, and recounts this story from her psychoanalysis with Lacan which dealt with her memories from this time. It gives us a rare insight into how Lacan worked, his extraordinary method of intervention on the basis of a single signifier (in French, 'Gestapo' and 'geste à peau' are pronounced almost identically), and how he was able to bring about a therapeutic effect for his analysand.

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